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On Friday, the Texas Democratic Party released footage taken by a Lubbock Democratic Party Volunteer who was harassed by four men who were caught vandalizing Democratic and “Lubbock Supports Obama 2012” signs. This has been a widely reported problem for Obama signs in Lubbock in which racial slurs, graffiti, and other forms of vandalism have been reported of in neighborhoods.

There has been a great deal of hatred throughout this election, and Republicans have repeatedly refused to address it. We applaud the volunteer for his bravery and the state party for recognizing these issues of hate, while working to promote equality within our communities across Texas.

As a part of the It Gets Better Project and The Trevor Project, the The Lesbian & Gay Peace Officers Association produced a video with LGBT officers and civilian members of the Austin Police Department to reach out to LGBTQ youth who are struggling with bullying, harassment and non-acceptance.

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Whether or not you’re familiar with “Gangnam Style,” one of the most recent pop singles-turned-memes, you’ll learn to love the parody “Mitt Romney Style.”

It depicts a less-reserved Mitt Romney showing us the good life, such as sleeping on golf courses, throwing around money and shouting out to ladies of a similar tax bracket.