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FEC Complaint Filed Against Randy Weber Over Illegal Contributions

The Lampson for Congress campaign has filed a formal complaint with the FEC against its opponent Randy Weber for taking more than the maximum amount from seven donors. According to his FEC filings Weber took over $22,500 in excess contributions which brings his actual cash on hand total down to $32,540 from his initial report of $55,040. Lampson’s report showed over $420,000 in cash on hand. Weber’s campaign contends that it does not need to correct the report or return the money until after the election.

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Nick Lampson Receives Major Education and Public Safety Endorsements

The Nick Lampson for Congress campaign has rolled out several major endorsements this week - American Federation of Teachers, the Beaumont Police Officers Association, the Beaumont Professional Firefighters and the Texas State Teachers Association. Lampson has  his career in public service as a teacher or an elected official and its important to earn the trust of those whom pledge to keep us safe and educate our children. The news follows the narrative certified by this year’s Democratic National Convention - Democrats believe that supporting education is a necessary investment to grow our economy and not just another line item expense of government.

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More Ron Paul Devotees Support Michael Cargill

"Liberty for All," the Paulite SuperPAC funded by a 21-year-old from Nacogdoches with his inherited fortune, is not the only enthusiast of our state’s crazy Congressman Ron Paul who supports Michael Cargill. The Burnt Orange Report has learned that Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) is spending money to support the anti-gun-control activist who is trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party in his race for Travis County Constable, Precinct 2.

If you don’t recognize their name, TAG has of late inserted itself into local politics, specifically municipal races. Most publicized was their illegal “FAIL” campaign aimed at Mayor Lee Leffingwell and Council Member Mike Martinez. Many of this website’s readers often disagree vehemently with those two public servants, but TAG didn’t turn around and campaign for Brigid Shea, the other sensible candidate in the mayoral race. TAG endorsed Clay Dafoe, the anarchist for Mayor of this city. They previously were involved in the 2011 Place 3 city council race, producing the "Shady the Clown" signs that lacked TEC-required disclaimers. Last session they also dressed up as Nazis (yes, actual Nazis) and stormed state capitol offices to protest the TSA bill. Read More