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Bill Clinton Rallies in San Antonio

Bill Clinton fired up about 2,000 Texans on Thursday in support of Pete Gallego. At San Antonio South High School, Clinton broke the state of affairs down DNC-style, and explained what’s happening in Gallego’s race against Rep. Quico Canseco.

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Republican Rep. Quico Canseco Sends Out Despicable Mailer About Abortion

Quico Canseco is very afraid. He’s on the ropes in his Congressional contest against Pete Gallego and details of his controversial car accident are emerging. In response to all this, Canseco has decided it’s time to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

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Thursday, the Pete Gallego campaign released footage of Republican Rep. Quico Canseco’s comment at an event earlier this year.

What was that comment? In response to a question about Social Security at a town hall, Canseco said, “I don’t believe in retirement.”

Watch for yourself.

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Quico Canseco’s lame, transparent speech at the RNC certainly informed national Republicans that he exists…and is in serious danger of losing his seat. A Republican Super PAC called Congressional Leadership Fund and its affiliated “nonprofit” group American Action Network are jumping into try and save Canseco’s spiraling campaign. 

Check out this great new biographical TV ad that Gallego put out this week:

With Texas producing more wind power than any other state, you would think that our representatives in Congress would be fighting for this growing industry that employs over 8,000 Texans.  However, Mitt Romney and his Republican allies in the House of Representatives have decided that ending the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), a vital incentive that has helped fuel the wind boom, is more important than protecting these jobs in a proven, clean technology that powers more than 2.5 million homes in Texas.

…it’s noteworthy that Canseco, who ran for office campaigning to stand up to special interests in Washington DC is now toeing the Republican party line and taking money from lobbyists who represent corporate interests that are desperate for the GOP to stay in power. Canseco is selling out to the highest special-interest bidders, to the detriment of the working families in Texas.  Read More