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FEC Complaint Filed Against Randy Weber Over Illegal Contributions

The Lampson for Congress campaign has filed a formal complaint with the FEC against its opponent Randy Weber for taking more than the maximum amount from seven donors. According to his FEC filings Weber took over $22,500 in excess contributions which brings his actual cash on hand total down to $32,540 from his initial report of $55,040. Lampson’s report showed over $420,000 in cash on hand. Weber’s campaign contends that it does not need to correct the report or return the money until after the election.

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Nick Lampson Receives Every Major Daily Newspaper Endorsement In TX-14 

On Sunday the Lampson for Congress campaign received an extra boost just before Early Voting began with the endorsement of all 3 major daily newspapers in TX-14; Houston ChronicleBeaumont Enterprise and Galveston Daily News

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Randy Weber Says He Can Return Excess Funds AFTER Election

Recently I reported on the strong fundraising numbers posted by the Lampson for Congress campaign in TX-14. He had 8 times as much cash on hand as his opponent but now its revealed that the Republican Candidate Randy Weber took more than the legal limit from a handful of contributors. Sometimes these things can happen due to complex finance laws, but its up to the candidate’s campaign to do the right thing and pledge to immediately return the excess funds.

Nick Lampson Reports Strong Fundraising, Growing Momentum in TX-14 

Today the Lampson for Congress campaign reported strong fundraising numbers and building momentum across the district. The campaign currently has $421,518 cash on hand and has raised over $1 million from at least 2 thousands contributors. “When you have popular ideas you get popular support.” Lampson said today on a conference call.

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Randy Weber - A Record Of Messin’ With Texas Women

This week the campaign for Republican Congressional candidate Randy Weber held its first Women for Weber event, so its appropriate to highlight some of his record on woman’s health.

The event was billed as an opportunity to:

[Hear] Randy discuss his plans to get women in small business working again and share his experience in the Texas House where he passed landmark legislation in human trafficking and fought to balance the budget.

Having worked on legislation that helps to end human trafficking is laudable, but it does not excuse a record of proudly cutting funds for and access to woman’s healthcare.

"We can get so much more done when we work together." That’s the message in the first TV ad from the Nick Lampson for Congress campaign. The moderate Democrat reflects on his bi-partisan Congressional accomplishments and suggests by returning to civility, "we are going to have a greater future - for America." According to the campaign, the ad is the first in the race to hit TV and will run in the Beaumont and Houston media markets from now until election day.

Nick Lampson Receives Major Education and Public Safety Endorsements

The Nick Lampson for Congress campaign has rolled out several major endorsements this week - American Federation of Teachers, the Beaumont Police Officers Association, the Beaumont Professional Firefighters and the Texas State Teachers Association. Lampson has  his career in public service as a teacher or an elected official and its important to earn the trust of those whom pledge to keep us safe and educate our children. The news follows the narrative certified by this year’s Democratic National Convention - Democrats believe that supporting education is a necessary investment to grow our economy and not just another line item expense of government.

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Randy Weber Cedes Middle Ground to Nick Lampson in TX-14

There’s little doubt that moderates will play a significant role in choosing Ron Paul’s successor in Texas’ redrawn 14th congressional district - but they won’t be hearing much from Randy Weber. The self-described Tea Party candidate told the Houston Chronicle, "We don’t knock on a lot of moderate doors, because my message doesn’t really resonate." It’s no wonder, Weber’s website touts the endorsement of “birther” Sheriff Joe Arpaio saying, “I have come to admire the way he sticks to his convictions even in the face of the strong headwinds of political correctness.”

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Weber Rejects Lampson’s Offer to Ban”Secret Money” in the Hotly Contested Race for CD14

Yesterday the Nick Lampson for Congress campaign released a statement expressing disappointment that their opponent - State Representative Randy Weber - rejected “A Gentlemen’s Agreement” to ban “secret money” in their race. The 14th Texas congressional district currently represented by the retiring Ron Paul has gained national attention as a competitive race. The secret money refers to Super PACs who can receive unlimited anonymous donations via their 501C(4) "Social Welfare Organization" tax-exempt status. In other words unlimited cash can be funneled to groups that advocate, but do not technically coordinate with political candidates.  As you can see pictured right the cover letter was short and to the point, “Let’s put a stop to this secret money in our district.” Weber responded by calling it a “stunt” insisting that Nancy Pelosi “will ignore this ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ with a wink at Nick as she tries to secure his vote into her purse.” The Beaumont Enterprise editorial board acknowledged the political context of the request but threw its own weight behind the idea stating,  

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Burnt Orange to Blue: Support Nick Lampson

This cycle, Texas Democrats face a number of crucial races that we consider must-win for the future of our state. To help these great candidates raise the funds they need to compete and win, Burnt Orange Report is launching our “Burnt Orange to Blue” fundraising page on ActBlue. 

One of the stealthier Congressional pick-up opportunities nationwide is right here in Texas, where former Congressman Nick Lampson is running for CD-14. Ron Paul chose to retire, and the dramatically reconfigured district is now anchored in Beaumont, where Lampson has great name recognition and popularity owing to his decades of public service in the area.

Lampson previously represented the 9th Congressional District from 1997 to 2005, losing it in Tom DeLay’s mid-decade gerrymander designed to oust Democratic incumbents. He won DeLay’s district, the 22nd, in 2007 after the disgraced DeLay resigned in 2006. Lampson always put a tremendous focus on constituent services,

After a young girl in his district was murdered, he established the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus, which would go on to nationalize the AMBER Alert system. He also represented Galveston during Hurricane Ike, and put tremendous energy and effort into helping those effected and displaced by the storm.

This district is a real pick-up opportunity for Lampson, owing to his strong name recognition and history of service in the district. Make no mistake: with sufficient resources, Lampson can beat right-winger Randy Weber in this district. Lampson is already on the DCCC’s Red to Blue list, and he deserves your financial support. That’s why we’re excited to add him to our first wave of Burnt Orange to Blue candidates.

All money donated through ActBlue flows directly to the candidates. Donate securely online. Can’t give a lot? Then make it a recurring donation, so our Democratic candidates have the funds they need to make it through to November. Now that the primaries are behind us, it’s time to get down to business of winning these crucial races.

Support Nick Lampson and all of our Burnt Orange to Blue candidates today!