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Gov. Perry and AG Abbott take on Atheists, Anti-Defamation League Cries Foul

The saga continues in Kountze, Texas over cheerleaders using religious scripture on football banners. Governor Rick Perry and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott say they support freedom of all religion but their actions show their intent is to establish a defacto Christian government claiming there’s a “moral basis for the legal code” outlined in the Ten Commandments. The truth is as more nonpartisan groups review the facts in this case its increasingly beginning to look like the cheerleaders are being exploited for political gain.

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UPDATED: Texas AG Greg Abbott Expresses Support for Kountze Cheerleaders In Controversy

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UPDATE: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sent a letter to Kountze ISD Superintendent stating, “That these students chose to express their religious viewpoint at a school function does not violate the Establishment Clause.” Abbott informed the KISD official that he was being misled by the Freedom From Religion Foundation as well as the Texas Association of SChool Boards. The letter concludes, "my office stands ready to file a brief with the court protecting the cheerleaders’ religious liberties."

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Federal Judge Rejects Texas AG’s Request for Stay in Voter Registration Ruling

A federal judge today denied Greg Abbott’s request to stay a court ruling that would have allowed Texas to enforce certain voter registration laws that are among the most restrictive in the country. Texas Democratic Party spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña released the following statement:

"Greg Abbott is relentless in his pursuit to disenfranchise Texans. We’re pleased that the court denied Abbott’s request to make our state’s voter registration laws the most restrictive in the country. It’s shameful that Abbott and Texas Republicans are fighting to make it illegal to register eligible citizens. The focus of the state should be to encourage voter participation not to suppress it."

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