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Turning Texas Blue: A Process Not An Event

Republicans have a lot of soul-searching to do about the future viability of their party, but the same could be said about Texas Democrats. After conceding there was much work left to be done, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said by 2018 Texas would become battleground state, “by itself.”

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Part of the Burnt Orange crew got together for a little election Hangover Hangout to talk about our take on last Tuesday’s results. Its a bit lengthy but the second by second transcript provided on youtube may help.

In Recognition Of John Cornyn’s Great Achievements in Electing Female Democratic Senators

Dear Senator John Cornyn,

I want to personally thank you and congratulate you on your tremendous electoral successes for Democratic Senate candidates this year. Thanks to your feckless leadership as chair of the NRSC, Democrats not only retained our majority in the Senate, we actually picked up a seat and helped elect and re-elect several strong progressive women. It’s kind of remarkable. Democrats entered this cycle needing to defend 23 seats to the Republicans’ 10, and yet we managed to make gains!

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Break free from your binders women, and vote!

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New La Raza/Sierra Club Poll Shows Latino Voters Strongly Favor Environmental Protections

This week, the National Council of La Raza and the Sierra Club released a poll conducted by Project New America and Myers Research to “gauge Latino voters’ opinions on a range of environmental issues.”  The results clearly show an increase in environmental awareness among Latinos, and they are now significantly more concerned about these issues than the American public at large.

Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Green Energy

  • A whopping 86% of respondents prefer that the government invest in clean renewable energy like solar and wind, while only 11% favor investments in fossil fuels.  83% agree that “coal plants and oil refineries are a thing of the past. We need to look toward the future and use more energy from clean sources.”

Toxic Pollution Is A Grave Concern For Latino Voters

  • 61% said air and water pollution were the top two environmental issues for them and their families.  A huge 94% said they believe they can help curb this toxic air and water pollution by conserving energy.  Also, 72% agree that “environmental regulations protect our health and our families by lowering toxic levels of mercury, arsenic, carbon dioxide and other life-threatening pollution in our air and water.”

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The Obama campaign released a new ad Saturday to air in battleground states titled “Firms.” It features the voice of an out-of-touch mendacious millionaire warbling a patriotic tune, while headlines detailing decidedly un-American acts flash on the screen.

The ad details Mitt Romney’s history of outsourcing jobs to Mexico and China during his time at Bain, and his outsourcing of jobs to India as governor of Massachusetts. The ad also reminds folks that Romney won’t come clean about the mysterious offshore tax havens in which he apparently stores his riches.

Why does this matter?

Romney’s rationale for his candidacy is wrapped up in his experience at Bain, which he seems to think makes him an expert on “fixing” the economy and “creating” jobs. Romney thinks we need a businessman in the White House, but his own business (and governing) history is one of killing jobs in America and sending them overseas. That’s not what we need to keep this economy moving in the right direction. Romney’s policies won’t help us recover from the economic wreckage of the Bush administration — they’re just more of the same.  

Analysis of PPP/SEIU Poll Shows Obama and Romney Tied in Texas

Worth sharing: DailyKos user dreaminonempty aggregated the Texas results of a national PPP survey on Obama vs Romney, and found that Texas respondents were tied:

Over the period of April 12 - July 1, 662 respondents to the Daily Kos/SEIU/PPP State of the Nation poll were reached at a Texas phone number.  Among these respondents, Obama and Romney were tied 47-47.  (Please note that this is an aggregation of interviews from the weekly poll, not a stand-alone poll.)

The two stand-alone polls from the same time period also show a relatively tight margin among registered voters.  Texas is a Tossup at least by New York Times standards, based on this result and the two other polls with Romney +7 and Romney +8, for an average of Romney +5.

The post goes on to state that while this is a poll of registered, not likely voters, and that we saw similar trends in 2008, our state isn’t too likely to go Blue this cycle, but we’ve got strong potential.

Granted, Texas is an expensive state to campaign in given our sheer size, population, and number of costly media markets. But we’ve got great potential. One of the most pressing needs for Democrats here in Texas is to register and turn out our substantial Latino and African-American populations. Newly elected TDP Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa has shown a strong commitment to base mobilization, and these poll numbers should just reinforce the need to turn Texas into a competitive battleground, and eventually flip the state into the Blue column.

After all, when Texas goes Democratic again, it will be nearly impossible for the Republican party to elect a President ever again. That alone is a good reason to fight this fight, as far as I’m concerned.

What do you think? Will the Obama-Romney margin in Texas be narrower than 10 points?

Romney, Despite Attacking “Liberal Media,” Gets Better Coverage than Obama

Well, this is awkward.  After complaining about the media’s love affair with Obama, turns out Romney has actually been getting more positive media coverage.  

A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that Obama hasn’t been able to catch a break, while Romney has actually had a pretty easy ride. Read More