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John Cornyn Defends Mourdock’s “Rape Pregnancies Are a Blessing” Comments

Good news, women of Texas! Your soon-to-be-senior senator agrees with Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock that your pregnancies that result from rape are a blessing.

Mourdock ignited a firestorm of controversy in a debate this week when he said — out loud, on the TV, when people could hear him — "Life is a gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen."

Now, NRSC chair John Cornyn is standing by his man. So even though apparently God doesn’t want the ladies to get raped, and even if a pregnancy comes as the result of a brutal, violent attack or simply a total disregard for a woman’s right to consent, it’s all part of God’s plan!

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Republican Rep. Quico Canseco Sends Out Despicable Mailer About Abortion

Quico Canseco is very afraid. He’s on the ropes in his Congressional contest against Pete Gallego and details of his controversial car accident are emerging. In response to all this, Canseco has decided it’s time to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

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SHUT UP: Texas Tries to Stop Doctors from Talking About Abortion

This week, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services sent out a letter explaining their proposed new rules for women’s health care. The letter shows that Texas is expanding its ban on state funding for women’s health care providers who provide abortion to include “promoters” of abortion.

The section also requires a TWHP provider to ensure that (1) outside the scope of TWHP, the provider does not perform or promote elective abortions and does not affiliate with an entity that performs or promotes elective abortions; and (2) within the scope of TWHP, the provider does not promote elective abortions, is physically separated from any abortion-providing or abortion-promoting entity, and does not operate under an identification mark that is registered to an entity thatperforms or promotes elective abortions.

As ThinkProgress explains, “banning ‘promotion’ effectively means banning any women’s health care provider who mentions the word abortion or has informational material about how a woman might be able to seek out the procedure.” The rule bans doctors from referring to abortion as “within the continuum of family planning services,” which means that to receive state funds, doctors cannot acknowledge that abortion exists.

This is outrageous. It is literally Texas putting the government between Americans and their doctors. Texans in favor of women’s rights have already made big news by protesting the end of Texas’ Women’s Health Program, and will need to keep up the fight. Read More