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On Friday, the Texas Democratic Party released footage taken by a Lubbock Democratic Party Volunteer who was harassed by four men who were caught vandalizing Democratic and “Lubbock Supports Obama 2012” signs. This has been a widely reported problem for Obama signs in Lubbock in which racial slurs, graffiti, and other forms of vandalism have been reported of in neighborhoods.

There has been a great deal of hatred throughout this election, and Republicans have repeatedly refused to address it. We applaud the volunteer for his bravery and the state party for recognizing these issues of hate, while working to promote equality within our communities across Texas.

Gov. Perry and AG Abbott take on Atheists, Anti-Defamation League Cries Foul

The saga continues in Kountze, Texas over cheerleaders using religious scripture on football banners. Governor Rick Perry and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott say they support freedom of all religion but their actions show their intent is to establish a defacto Christian government claiming there’s a “moral basis for the legal code” outlined in the Ten Commandments. The truth is as more nonpartisan groups review the facts in this case its increasingly beginning to look like the cheerleaders are being exploited for political gain.

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Bill Clinton Rallies in San Antonio

Bill Clinton fired up about 2,000 Texans on Thursday in support of Pete Gallego. At San Antonio South High School, Clinton broke the state of affairs down DNC-style, and explained what’s happening in Gallego’s race against Rep. Quico Canseco.

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FEC Complaint Filed Against Randy Weber Over Illegal Contributions

The Lampson for Congress campaign has filed a formal complaint with the FEC against its opponent Randy Weber for taking more than the maximum amount from seven donors. According to his FEC filings Weber took over $22,500 in excess contributions which brings his actual cash on hand total down to $32,540 from his initial report of $55,040. Lampson’s report showed over $420,000 in cash on hand. Weber’s campaign contends that it does not need to correct the report or return the money until after the election.

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John Cornyn Defends Mourdock’s “Rape Pregnancies Are a Blessing” Comments

Good news, women of Texas! Your soon-to-be-senior senator agrees with Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock that your pregnancies that result from rape are a blessing.

Mourdock ignited a firestorm of controversy in a debate this week when he said — out loud, on the TV, when people could hear him — "Life is a gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen."

Now, NRSC chair John Cornyn is standing by his man. So even though apparently God doesn’t want the ladies to get raped, and even if a pregnancy comes as the result of a brutal, violent attack or simply a total disregard for a woman’s right to consent, it’s all part of God’s plan!

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Outrageous Texas Church Sign: ‘Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim’

Leakey, Texas is home to a malicious church named Church in the Valley. Look at their sign earlier this week:

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We cannot — we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids. It is simply immoral…

Mitt Romney, actually calling federal disaster relief for tornado and flooding victims immoral.

Just in case you didn’t believe it. 

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Swim, bitches, swim. They’re only the 47%.

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Organizing for America released this television advertisement showing President Obama speaking about how much we have accomplished in the last four years and how much work there is left to do. This is the plan the President laid out in his State of the Union, and has been sharing with Americans across the country this year.

The ad is airing in New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Colorado. If you haven’t already, join the millions of other Americans in visiting his website to read about the President’s plans for the next four years.

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The Keith Hampton campaign has released a blistering new ad shedding light on Sharon Keller’s shady record on the Court of Criminal Appeals.The ad highlights Keller’s controversial decision regarding the execution of Michael Richard, where she denied the appeal of Richard’s lawyers, because they “close at five.” Keller’s actions have brought shame to the court, as she was publicly rebuked by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and fined $10,000 by the Texas Ethics Commission.

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